Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mystical Visions Beneath the Giza Plateau

Edgar Cayce, renown psychic and spiritualist predicted it, forsaw it, and even sketched his impression of an Ancient Temple built beneath the Pyramids at Giza. Some may already be familiar with his works. Others have theorized of there being some ancient structure under the Giza Plateau. Amazing - But what is even more amazing, for myself personally, was to come across accounts of an Ancient Egyptian Priest known as HORI, who has been speaking through a penfriend of mine these past twenty-two years!

My penfriend, Ian Richardson, resides some 12,000 miles away in Edinburgh, Scotland, and myself here in Australia. Ian had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of Ancient Egypt nor had he seen the drawing by Edgar Cayce, until contact with this spirit. Hori, too, speaks of there being a Temple beneath the Pyramids, and upon entering a bookshop recently Ian declared he had seen a drawing of the exact temple - Edgar Cayce's drawing within a book. Since he first encountered Hori, Ian has since completed a course in Ancient Egypt at Oxford University as an adult student, and has visited Egypt itself on more than one occassion.

Between us and over many letters, emails and telephone calls, plus a personal visit of Ian to myself here in Australia, we have produced a book;

"HORI - On The Other Side of Midnight"

that contains the words and thoughts of this Ancient Egyptian Priest who lived in the 18th Dynasty, so that his words, channelled to Ian, shall not now be lost throughout time.

The book is also interspersed with historical text and quotes, and gives one hope for Life After Death.

Available through Author House; ISBN 978-1-4259-9401-3

I trust and hope that it may be of interest to others out there, just as these transcripts have been of much inspiration to myself.

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